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Anything but traditional

Smart Partners coaches your divisions like sports teams and employees like athletes. Educated, motivated, pushed and monitored, they set realistic goals and exceed expectations.



Anything but traditional

Your buyers might have a budget of 500 million yen. But do they have the right training?
Buyer-Vendor Management is free. How? The course is proven to save so much in just a few months that it’ll pay for itself time and again.
We cover organizational frameworks, sourcing methodologies, outsourcing concepts, risk management, negotiation, and strategic vs tactical sourcing management.
Choose from Japanese or English; onsite or offsite. We are flexible in customizing the course to your needs.
At times our workshops are uncomfortable and slightly stressful and for that we offer no apologies. Discomfort is the shortest path to excellence in our experience.

Anything but traditional

Many consultants have developed a paradigm. They’ll simply change the logo. Then wheel it out for everyone. In the Age of the Customer, that’s not good enough.
At Smart Partners, we take your delegates on a learning journey through the frameworks, methods, workflows, and techniques of structured consulting.
The Consultant course is the next stage of professional evolution from task focused working. It’s perfect for people from IT, Sales, Medical Devices or FMCG. The Consultant is run in Japanese or English by a certified management consultant.

Anything but traditional

Holistic, engaging, sometimes pressurized – Consultative Selling is by far our most popular course in Japan. Your sales people will stop being messengers and note-takers, and become consultants and advisors to your clients.
The focus of the course and the tools we use vary according to your needs and delegates. But the techniques and structure are a given: high-energy, engaging… and a little uncomfortable.
We run this course in Japanese or English, in a multi-day format.

Anything but traditional

Our business-consulting work is always collaborative. Your decision makers and line workers get solutions that generate value from day one.



Business Analysis

Business analysis is about enabling change. Defining needs. Recommending solutions. Delivering value.
At Smart Partners, we don’t achieve this by being nerdy IT types. Not for us the geeky programming or database design of our competitors. Ours is a hybrid, eclectic approach. One born of fuzzy logic.
You need synergy and continuity in business and technology, and we can help you get there. With our consultancy, you can plan, manage, and implement solutions geared 100% around your front office/sales team clients.
We’ll give you a hands-on, customized, bilingual approach to solutions design. We’ll cut your costs and maximize productivity.
We focus on your desired, measurable business outcomes first. But a business overview will be key. Because, with business analysis, that’s how you achieve results.

Process Management

We work with you from one month to six months. A structured handover gives you ownership, with the help of ‘change agent heroes’ in your organization. We analyze your business processes and staff workflow. Then create solutions that increase output while reducing workload for everyone.

At Smart Partners, we coach you towards:
Increased revenue and profitability
A clearer market strategy
Reduced overtime through clearer business processes
Increased output
Reduced waste through better vendor/supplier management
Focus on outcomes vs tasks
Find bottlenecks to profit and remove them
Map out processes and group functions to save time
Identify and clear away waste
Make people understand they are important and needed

Project Management

So many businesses come up with high-level solutions without thinking about how they might be implemented. Or how the work of individuals might change.
At Smart Partners, we’re different. We consider the human factors. We’re bilingual. We talk to your people. We’re high level, yet we have our feet on the ground, too.
Project management sits somewhere between executive strategy and tactical implementation. So much has been written about integrating it into institutions. Yet the best strategy might not be found in a textbook. Our repeat customer feedback and experience shows it should be more human, intuitive and practical.
We align local expertise with local Japanese best practices and global standard methodologies to define your needs and deliver real value. Without ever forgetting to put your people first.

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Clients Voice

-Client's Voice-

Past and present
  • "I have had the pleasure to work with Smart Partners on several occasions and have been impressed by their professionalism and delivery. Working with them has allowed me the opportunity to close critical business gaps and provided a clearly defined repeatable process for testing for my teams. Smart Partners has deep knowledge in both subject content as well as market knowledge."
  • "I brought Smart Partners to my division to help with a few areas: process advisory/workflow re-engineering, industry specific expertise in employment issues in Japan, Japanese language support and deep understanding within the contract business here in Japan. Their sales training helped our people to focus on improved client outcomes, not tasks and how to better prepare for working with customers. I highly recommend Smart Partners."
  • "We contacted Smart Partners to help us with company incorporation, accounting infrastructure, and business / sales consulting to help us grow our new business. Smart Partner's advice and insight on how to generate new business in Japan was eye-opening and helped us to increase activity much faster than expected."
  • "No one knows my business better than me. I didn't work with SmartPartners to lecture me on what I already knew. My reasons for engaging them was to bottle my experience, create repeatable frameworks, KPI dashboards, policies & procedures, on-boarding structure for new sales hires and most importantly, to create a -culture of accountability and urgency amongst my sales teams. Smart Partners worked closely with my people and I was pleased with the clear, measurable return on my investment."
  • "As a Managing director, I focus on measurable results and the bottom line. Smart Partners's, methods were not theoretical or flashy, they were practical, easy to understand and brought agreed results. They worked directly with both my Japanese and Foreign salespeople, to implement changes and give life to training concepts, I can therefore recommend them."
  • "Problem: underperforming business unit and complicated, inefficient processes resulting in a net loss. Solution: Smart Partners came in and analyzed the problem, proposed changes and then worked closely with my people to implement the changes and turned the business around to be growing and profitable - in 6 months. Their people skills and ability to simplify processes in a practical way were well received. They are energizing to work with because they "walk the talk."
In the Media;?>

-In The Media-

01 June 2012

Smart Partners makes selling easier for all.
Smart Partners KK’s Jason de Luca brings the Tokyo selling community 1 major step closer to successful selling.
Tokyo – 01 June 2012 – Finally, a locally ran, fully bilingual system to plug into your existing sales team to make them more successful, with less effort.
“Sales Office in a Box© creates an organized, effective, repeatable selling engine for small to mid sized clients that fills in all the gaps that get clogged with excuses. A out of the box but tailored, solution covering templates, tool kits, training, coaching & managerial advisory, shadow trips and more.
One call to us now, stops the excuses today.
About Smart Partners KK
We are all about RESULTS. Be they: increased profits, more revenue or reduced waste in your business/work flow process.
Hands on, practical, measurable, we won’t work any other way.
We can be reached here: